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Slavic Gospel Assn. represents the Union of Evangelical Churches − Baptists in Russia.

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This is the reason SGA exists, to support Missionary Pastors and those ministering to children.  Currently we have been supporting 32 in their various ministries.

Ministry Teams come from the local Baptist churches and are involved in ministries in the orphanages, summer camps, Bible in Schools, sports events, youth events and a number of other activities.   Annually some teams prepare a Christmas Drama for the orphanages where gifts are made to the children.

During a visit to Lutsk, Ukraine, by Richard Hemmingsen in 2004, he discovered a real need to support the local workers. Few could even afford the costs of travelling to their local schools, and they needed materials, supplies and gifts. Fruit is in demand, yet to give to even one class, let alone more than one class a week was impossible. So began our support of the workers in Lutsk.

This need has now expanded to other areas and currently we support teams in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asia.

We also support a number of Ministry workers.  Some came from an orphanage and are now involved in going back to the orphanage to share God’s love with them.  “Jesus loves the little children—all the children of the world”

We pray for the children of these lands.

Would you like to be involved? Click on this link

Every dollar—every prayer counts.

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