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Slavic Gospel Assn. represents the Union of Evangelical Churches − Baptists in Russia.

SGA NZ is a member of Missions Interlink NZ.

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Building a bridge of hope to Slavic Nations

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Children’s Ministry Teams come from the local Baptist churches and are involved in ministries in the orphanages, summer camps, Bible in Schools, sports events, youth events and a number of other activities.   Annually some teams prepare a Christmas Drama for the orphanages where gifts are made to the children.

During a visit to Lutsk, Ukraine, by Richard Hemmingsen in 2004, he discovered a real need to support the local workers. Few could even afford the costs of travelling to their local schools, and they needed materials, supplies and gifts. Fruit is in demand, yet to give to even one class, let alone more than one class a week was impossible. So began our support of the workers in Lutsk.

This need has now expanded to other areas and currently we support teams in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asia.

We also support a number of Children’s Ministry workers.  Some came from an orphanage and are now involved in going back to the orphanage to share God’s love with them.  “Jesus loves the little children—all the children of the world”

We pray for the children of these lands.

Would you like to be involved?

Every dollar—every prayer counts.

Testimony of Lena V., Grodno, Belarus

My name is Lena, I am 23 years old. I was born in March 1987 in Grodno. I have been visiting church Nadezda (“Hope”) for 5 years.

I was found by the Lord when I was at orphanage. I was removed from my parents in 2002 and I spent three years at the orphanage. I had to take reexamination at the hospital because of my second degree of disability and this happened the year before the graduation from the orphanage. I shared the same room at the hospital with the girl by the name Oksana. And she was visited by youth two times, there were boys and girls and it was very interesting for me who they were. I was impressed that Oksana had so many friends and I didn’t. I got to know one of the girls Katya and she invited me to the church at the youth meeting. I would never forget the time when we were reading the New Testament with Oksana at the hospital, she also told me a lot about youth meeting at the church. When we left the hospital Oksana promised to visit me at the orphanage and she gave me the New Testament. She kept her word and the youth visited me at the orphanage but other problems arouse from staff of the orphanage. They didn’t let me go to the youth meeting and kept me in the room for 24 hours without food. But I was able to get along with the staff and they let me visit the church. Moreover they noted that my behaviour is also changed. I visited the church for about half a year and on 7 of April I repented. And on 7 of August 2005 I was baptized in secret, I didn’t tell my teachers from the orphanage about it. When I graduated the orphanage I entered educational institution but unfortunately I was not given dormitory and had to go to live with my parents. The life with my parents was hard for me, they threatened to beat me if I continue to visit the church and sometimes they did it. And they also threw me out of the house. Finally I was invited by the girls from the church to live with them, they rent apartment.

Currently I live with them and I am also involved in church ministry. I am singing in the youth choir and help in the ministry with handicapped kids. During the summer time when we have summer camp I am involved in the kitchen. I am so grateful to the Lord that He found me in this world and now I could do my ministry and be useful for my brothers and sisters. Praise the Lord that He saved me.

Children's Ministries