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Slavic Gospel Assn. represents the Union of Evangelical Churches − Baptists in Russia.

SGA NZ is a member of Missions Interlink NZ.

Slavic Gospel Association

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Building a bridge of hope to Slavic Nations

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A key aspect of reaching the former Soviet world with the Gospel is the planting of Bible-preaching churches. Dedicated and faithful men often pastor several churches in their area. These Christians are working hard to advance the Kingdom by planting the Bible-preaching churches in their communities and often experience tremendous opposition and obstacles as they win the lost, establishing the converts in their walk with the Lord. Individuals along with churches have discovered the tremendous blessing of sponsoring a national Church Planter in the lands of Russia, and so can you!

To learn more about the Church Planters that are currently supported by SGA NZ in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia email richardh@sga.org.nz

If you or your church group are unable to fully sponsor a Church Planter alone we can team you with other sponsors. You will receive the Church Planter’s name and a family photo along with information about their ministry and a regular report as they are sent to us.

Church Planters