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Slavic Gospel Assn. represents the Union of Evangelical Churches − Baptists in Russia.

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Since 1934 Slavic Gospel Association has been focused on helping Russian churches reach their lands with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These churches have been faithful even through periods of cruel persecution. Our mission is to reach the Slavic (Russian) speaking nations and peoples with the gospel through financial and prayer support to the local national Church Planters and Children’s Ministry Teams whose main outreach is to orphans and homeless children.  

What do we do?

Orphan Homes is a priority area that SGA New Zealand is involved with. These homes are as far apart as Vladivostok on the eastern coast of Siberia to Ukraine in the west and south to Uzbekistan.

We also help with special needs such as upgrading bathrooms and toilets which have not been modernized since they were built and now found in a shocking state. Funds are provided to assist local churches take Christian programmes and Bibles to these precious children. The opportunities are enormous as there are thousands of orphaned and abandoned children hungry for the Love of the Heavenly Father shown through Jesus. This is possible through the Orphans Reborn Programme. Even Orphan Home Directors and caregivers are won for the Lord as they see Church workers lovingly give individual attention, telling children about the Father’s love. Hundreds of these children respond as they hear stories presented from the Bible.

Christmas for Orphans

This ministry provides individuals with the opportunity to help Bible preaching Russian churches reach out at Christmas time to lonely forgotten children living in orphanages and children’s homes. Where possible local churches bring the orphans to the church for a Christmas programme, but if this is not possible Christmas is celebrated at the orphanage. After Christmas stories and singing, each child receives their own gift, candy and Christian literature including a Bible of their own. This has a powerful impact on children as they hear of the Saviour who came for them, and who knows and loves them.

Summer Camps

This is a wonderful opportunity as the local churches reach out to the underprivileged children in the orphan homes and communities in which they live. Thousands of young lives are presented with the opportunity of knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Children’s Ministries

Sunday schools, Bible in schools, tent ministries, hospital visitation and other opportunities are taken as workers reach out in love to the children in these lands.

We currently support teams in 7 countries.

Children’s Hospital Ministry

Many babies and young children receive milk powder and special foods which will give them a greater opportunity to have a reasonable life because someone in New Zealand cared enough to make a gift to them.

Christian Literature and Bibles

The availability of Bibles and Christian Literature including ‘The Reason Why’ and Children’s literature are foundational to the equipping of the saints for the ministry of the church. For many years, SGA has been involved in the translation, printing and distribution of doctrinally sound literature

NZ Board Members

Rev Peter Somervell - Chairman (Field Representative - Russia & Ukraine)

Dr Rod Edwards - vice-chair

Margaret Skinner - secretary

Liliana Farrow - treasurer

Richard Hemmingsen - board member

Andrew Marriott - board member

Isaac Wilson - board member

Tanya Jones - board member

Barry Shaw - board member

David Russell Bennett - board member

Marina Younchik - board member

Elena Burduk - office manager, board member

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