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Slavic Gospel Assn. represents the Union of Evangelical Churches − Baptists in Russia.

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Since 1934 Slavic Gospel Association has been focused on helping Russian churches reach their lands with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Click to read on . . .
Peter Somervell - the Chairman of the Board of the SGA NZ - joined Andrew Urquhart on Radio Rhema to talk about how New Zealanders are helping to spread the good news of Christ in Russian speaking countries.

Help Change a Hurting Child’s Life

The orphan situation in the former Soviet Union — which has always been a tragedy — has now become much more urgent, a looming humanitarian crisis. But this crisis is also an open door for Christians like you to reach the most vulnerable for Jesus.

Because of the Ukraine war, millions of children are at great risk. This number includes the 32,000 girls and boys SGA-supported churches are working to reach — many of whom are orphans of lost fathers, mothers, or both. Outside of Ukraine, in Poland or southern Russia, SGA-supported churches are also encountering a massive multitude of refugee orphans.

Praise God, at the same time, more orphanages and churches are open to the SGA-supported outreach to these children — the Orphans Reborn ministry. This year, in partnership with our  international offices, we want to expand that outreach by at least 20 orphanages and 3,000 more children, wherever they may be found.

We have willing, church-based Orphans Reborn volunteers ready to give them humanitarian aid, love, Bibles and Christian literature, and often weekly discipleship. But, we still lack the funding to reach this rising flood of orphans. So I ask you to step forward now and help supply that funding . . . and help change a hurting child’s life forever.

Every $NZ100 will help reach 1 orphan for a year. And if you possibly can give $NZ 652, you will help fund one month of outreach to a whole orphanage filled with young souls facing lives of spiritual disaster.

The souls of children are waiting in spiritual darkness and emotional despair for the light and joy you can help send to them as God works through faithful church workers.

Without Christ, orphans in the former USSR often end up on drugs, as prostitutes, recruited by organized crime, or victims of suicide. Give them Jesus instead!

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