Children’s ministry teams
Orphaned and at-risk children need our help before it’s too late
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Sharing the Gospel
Help for the physical needs of the poor, distressed, and dispirited opens the door for missionary pastors and church workers to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ
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Feeding Children in Poverty
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Welcome | Добро пожаловать

Since 1934 Slavic Gospel Association has been focused on helping Slavic churches reach their lands with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These churches have been faithful even through periods of cruel persecution.

Our mission is to reach the former Soviet Union nations with the gospel through financial and prayer support to the local national Church Planters and Children’s Ministry Teams.

Summer Camp Scholarship

Summer Bible Camps are only weeks away, and hundreds of SGA-sponsored churches need funds for every child.

Every NZ$70 you give will help one child have the opportunity to experience summer camp and hear the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The SGA team has gathered some other short videos from faithful servants we assist … men and women who live life on mission daily for the sake of the Gospel.

Here are some recent videos from our Youtube Channel

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Peace in the Storm

Oleksandra, SGA representative in Ukraine, lives in Kiev and shares from Psalm 16 how she remains peaceful in the storm of this war.

Ukraine. Living in a cellar

From a shelter in Gulyaipole March 2023

How I met Jesus - in the Orphanage

To support young people like Olya, donate to our Orphans Support fund.

Living Life on Mission

Here is a short video from the war zone. You will hear the explosions in the distance, see the destruction and hear what it means to be daily faithful.

Pastors need your support!

Help churches respond to the incredible surge of hurting souls and ministry opportunities

Help churches respond to the incredible surge of hurting souls and ministry opportunities. The crises of 2022 — war, inflation, recession, mass refugee migration — opened a door for evangelism unlike any since the Soviet Union fell. A hunger for God was already growing in the former Soviet nations. Now it is keener than ever!

Our ministry is growing at a record rate. As a result, the increasing number of children, families, and individuals coming to SGA-supported churches and ministries has created an urgent need for more resources.

  • Summer Bible Camps grew by 25 percent.
  • Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreach to children grew by 25 percent
  • Orphans Reborn is likewise growing rapidly.
  • Ukraine churches often went from 20 percent full before the war to 120 percent!

Together with our international offices we need to help more than 6,000 churches in our network in Ukraine and across other countries in the former Soviet Union. They must reach more people who desperately need to know Christ, grow in Him, and reach others for our Lord.

They need brothers and sisters in Christ, like you, to give generously to help answer these concerns.

Please pray that the Lord will glorify Himself through the lives of His people!

News and Stories from the Mission Field


A Loud Voice from the Donbas

Pastor and church-planter Igor from Myrnohrad shares insight about life in one of the most difficult and darkest areas in Ukraine: the Donetsk region. Igor’s journey of faith began at the age of 15, when a friend invited him to church.
There, he read a brochure and understood that he was a sinner in need of a Saviour. Yet, it took him some years to come to the truth and knowledge of who God was. In fact, having been brought up in a very traditional church, he became ‘the strictest legalist in church’, and taught others of the ‘dangers’ of the colour red, dyed hair, and high heels.

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A Bridge for the Gospel

Pastor Sergei is an SGA-supported missionary in Belarus who works with orphan children through support from Orphans Reborn. These children have suffered much, and their view of this world is confused and heartbreaking. One young girl stood out to him. “I saw a girl named Angelina, who was older than the other children. She had unusual things that were attached to her right ear. When I looked closer, I saw that they were rings and there were three crosses hanging from them. This was a little symbolic and led me to the idea that in the Gospels, we read about three crosses on Mount Golgotha.

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A simple request: Joy

Ruslan Murataiev is our SGA Regional Ministry Centre Director in Irpin, Ukraine.  He is daily challenged with keeping the SGA supported ministries strong and fruitful, equipping and encouraging the missionary pastors throughout the regions and also attending to the business of running the ministry office.  The war continues to be challenging for him – and his family …

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How many times do we read about God’s plan and timing?

The ministry to orphans is the work which was entrusted to us by the Lord, and we do this ministry daily with great trembling and joy! I will never stop giving thanks to God and you, our beloved brothers, and sisters, for this great help and support which you provide for us and our children …

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Beyond the Bad News

“What do you think? Is all of Ukraine currently in a type of depression?” asked a lady from the Western country after hearing a lecture on trauma and its consequences. I took a breath before answering; because pictures of smoke, missiles, holes in buildings and the look in the eyes of my brothers and sisters in front-line cities popped up in my mind.

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Orphans Reborn

“We are working hard until the harvest season. God is in control!”

This story is about how the bright light of faith in children’s hearts burns in the darkness of sin and despair. Their mother grew up in an orphanage. She fell into bad company and became a drug addict. She remembers how we came to the orphanage and talked about Jesus. When we found her years later, she already had three children.

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