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Provide heat and hope in Ukraine as hurting families face a harsh winter
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Since 1934 Slavic Gospel Association has been focused on helping Slavic churches reach their lands with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These churches have been faithful even through periods of cruel persecution.

Our mission is to reach the former Soviet Union nations with the gospel through financial and prayer support to the local national Church Planters and Children’s Ministry Teams. 

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SGA NZ in partnership with our international offices

Help churches be centres of HEAT & HOPE for people facing sub-freezing temperatures.

How weary the SGA-supported pastors and churches we serve must feel right now with eight months of non-stop war in Ukraine! And now the fear is rising once more, as matters have gone from bad to worse in just these past few weeks.

Missile and drone attacks have destroyed 40% of Ukraine’s power generating capacity. Massive blackouts and outages are crippling more than 1,100 cities and towns. Elderly people are already on the edge of death, and many even now cannot heat their homes. They could freeze to death in the coming winter months, because the infrastructure has been destroyed.

With the continuing destruction of Ukraine’s electrical and heating infrastructure, we are going to see a new wave of people fleeing their homes. There’s no way to stay warm during the winter, and sadly we will see a loss of life from the elements. That’s why your support is critical to help local churches become centres of heat and hope for their communities.

SGA-supported pastors and their congregations cannot do this alone. They need believers in New Zealand to stand with them in Jesus’ name.
We have seen how God opens the door to the Gospel many times before in the worst of winter weather circumstances in the former Soviet Union countries. And we trust He will do it again now as we come together to provide emergency winter relief supplies for war-weary people in Ukraine.
Please share your gift now to provide heat and hope in Ukraine as hurting families face a harsh winter without electricity.

To help churches turn their buildings into centres of heat and hope, we must provide congregations with generators so they can care for people who need shelter and warmth. These faithful servants will also help hurting people experience God’s peace even in a difficult time of war by providing them with:

Every NZ$130 you give helps one family.

Your gift of NZ$515 will help four families.

If God allows you to help even more, a gift of NZ$4,800 will help us transport and install a generator to provide heat and power in a church, making it a centre of heat and hope.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ need us to intercede on their behalf. Local churches across Ukraine — centres of heat and hope — need the support of fellow believers like you and me. And we must ask God to bring a fresh wave of strength and encouragement as the war in Ukraine continues and the winter months are upon us.

God will help us as we partner with our spiritual family to “not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary” (Galatians 6:9).

Yes, the circumstances are bleak in Ukraine. But God is in control, and His power is still working in a difficult time of war. Amen

News and Stories from the Mission Field


Because I’m a Pastor

Here is a wonderful testimony to the faithfulness of a pastor in Ukraine.

“When war started, half the people left our church. The basement served as bomb shelter and many people stayed with us. Meals provided to believers and unbelievers alike. But in time, by April, people started returning. And then by summer, services moved upstairs from the basement. So many unbelievers were coming.

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UKRAINE Winter – Heat and Hope

How weary the SGA-supported pastors and churches we serve must feel right now with eight months of non-stop war in Ukraine! And now the fear is rising once more, as matters have gone from bad to worse in just these past few weeks.

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Challenges of adapting to new ways of life

Adapting to new ways of life can be a great challenge.

However, it’s how we face those challenges that carry us through. In the story below, Sergei is learning how to meet the needs of many people and face the challenges of daily wartime life.

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